car is ready new engine swap is making power

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so I’ve been totally neglagent in my keeping this website up to date. so in the last 10 or so months a lot happened like this:


its a Nissan SR20DET motor a red top with a Garrett GT2874R Ball bearing turbo, on a custom made by Gabe V. Exhaust manifold. fairly freshly built motor with improved bottom end and rocker arm stoppers running on AEM engine management. right now making 210hp at the wheels 200 ft/lb torque not much past my last motor at 190hp at the wheels but im on low boost and its about to get turnt up and i figured ide stop at 300HP to keep from having to do more drive train upgrades.


The swap took longer then anticipated by a few months and i had a lot of little dumb mistakes i made and other random various difficulties, but now its back, annnnnnd its been to PARC.

and before that I also took it to medford for a shakedown.

and with each event its getting better, and ive been figuring it out little by little. in medford I had too restrictive of an oil catch can which was causing me crank case gasses to build up in the block and eject oil around the dip stick with the dip stick ziptied down even. fixed that with a breaker catch can that had 2 NPT fittings for hose connections and a large filter on the top. I also picked up a vacuum manifold to simplify my mess of harbor frieght vaccum line Tee’s but thats still in progress as i have been procrastinating on taking the intake manifold off yet again because I have to swap out the plug i put in on the manifold where the old brake booster vacuum line went to route it to the vacuum block main connection.

Also my injectors were maxxed out (stock 375cc/min) but I have some Tomei 740CC/min ones to install soon and then i should be ready after a quick dyno tune session.

Some old PIR footage

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So since Ill be driving at the NASA PIR event September 20-21 I got all motivated and made this video with my old footage. new footage will be on its way soon.

PIR Spring of 2014 from Craig Alexander on Vimeo.

ThunderHill West!

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So I dont have any media ready yet however I was there! and the track was amazing but my car was being less then stellar as I had all kinds of heat issues. anyway I have some on car footage and somewhere possibly with Justin there are some photos as as soon as I dig this stuff up i’ll post it I also even have some video from the NASA PIR drift event I did at the beginning of the season but I havent taken the time to do any editing yet sorry

in the mean time enjoy some content from lifeblasters unfortunately I didnt make it into any of the media on that writeup but they have some amazing pictures of the event and it give a good feel for what it was like

As per usual Ive allowd the old website to get out of date again

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First off you gotta see this video by chris campbell its awesome and its from the event mentioned below

AE86 Attacking The Track from Chris Campbell on Vimeo.

then I went to FD which was awesome saw some friends from my old home town per the yearly now tradition

then I tried to photobomb sam when I saw a great opportunity to make it look like he was picking my nose but he noticed what I was doing

Then after FD I met up with NASA Northwest to drive in the HPDE class at Pacific Raceways which was awesome even if I did get meatballed several times for trivial things



I even talked my dad into jumping in the car with me

me-dad-720p at pacific raceways with NASA northwest July 20 2014 from Craig Alexander on Vimeo.

Then I went and had some fun at PARC but I’m fiarly sure I dammaged my turbo at Pacific raceways it was backfireing alot on that track and its never made full boost again since but it still kinda works so game on





2 Bash 2 Future

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So this just happened last weekend

it was a really awesome event thought we may have lost this track as the Karters dont seem very happy with us but it looks like its back! hopefully we can keep this track going as it is an excellent drifting venue.

Go Pro Hero 3 Chase Cam of Drifting Corolla AE86 (2 bash 2 future) from Chris Campbell on Vimeo.

There was also a team tandem competition which had some seriously amazing driving going on!

like this Kyle and Derek’s 2nd place run during the finals

I got to team up with Pro Formula Drift Driver Matt Moffman who is always fun to drive with! (this is his pro-am car) really keeps me pushing my self as hard as I can just to keep up!

I also got to drive with Kyle and Austin


I also was representing a new sponsor Team SDMF, who made my dual caliper brackets and had just finished up some custom wheel spacers just before I left Eugene

Also a lot of the really awesome media I have access to is thanks to this guy Chris Campbell who was driving the chase car in the video above

and of course this screen cap from the chase car video is really cool!

also cant forget me and Matt got 3rd place in the team tandem competition!!!

we actually had a really neat run worked out where we did a pass on a straightaway which really upped the difficulty level unfortunately I gave him a little tap the second time and spun him out the second time we tried it but luckily it was a meeting of bash bars so the dammage to both cars was minimal

The car is complete and some events (3) have happened

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First off as promised here is my completed dash board and switch panel its all industrial because that’s what I do for my day job so I thought I would integrate that somehow



so for events I did the Douglas County Speedway which was an unplanned last minute thing which happened after my dyno tune session where I finally got the car running correctly I ended up going back to the distributor after I had some difficulties with the EDIS which I later found out was probably due to a bad distributor. I really dont have much media from the douglas count speedway event since it was a small last minute event however after that I did the NASA PIR event which was really awesome. had some problems but all in all it was a good way to test out the car.



Also some friends from my old home town showed up which was really awesome unfortunately I had some problems with the car durring Jeff’s ride along and it was a little bit of a wild ride to boot.



Video from the event will be posted soon I have some raw footage but its not really edited or posted anywere other then on my hard drive but its some amazing footage thanks to Chris Campbell Photography!

Most recently I also made it to a PARC event where I was involved in some really epic tandems with both James Wiklund and Kyle Stryker which was especially awesome considering how bad the weather was which made it very difficult

Craig ae86 & James s14.5 Tandem Drift Raw from Chris Campbell on Vimeo.

Also new Sponsor decal revealed this event Team SDMF are the guys who made the dual caliper bracket I’m using which allows me to have dual Wilwood 4 piston calipers on my GTS rear end


This is Kyle’s new Cadillac CTSV drift car and even though it was his first time at an event with it you wouldn’t have known it based on how he was driving it




Also had some very close calls nearly donated some paint on Mike’s car (That’s Nathan in the passenger seat probably surprised he didn’t get to see some paint traded moments before)


I also hot to tandem with Arial quite a bit too and his car is looking really awesome for this year saw him out at the PIR event too

here is a great in car video thanks to chris campbell Photography as well

craig inside gopro 1 from Craig Alexander on Vimeo.

and this one which just came out from Chris Campbell

Winter Rebuild 3

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So whats left you ask? how about a new Dashboard! again with some help of Team SDMF and Dustin Comer who is really good at sheet metal work BTW (he does modified bodies so I’m sure he gets tons of practice)


Looks almost like it was put their by the factory!, I also made some brackets to mount it all up which are thankfully obscured by the dash it self ( my welding is not very pretty but its functional)


Installed some gauges


I also made some head light mounts the head light buckets are a 6 x 4 and the brackets actually came from a Blazer but I made it work and it looks ok and installed some HID projectors

I also re-wired the entire car with a Keep it Clean Wiring harness I got from Johnny Law Motors in Portland. looks and works much better now I’ll need to add some pictures of that as well. its a great kit and I would highly suggest it as it makes the wiring very easy and simple each wire has its intended use printed on it which is a great way to label the wire

I also gave the EDIS ignition system a try got it going and it seemed great then I had some problems with it as you can see from this mess


Garage 808 discovered that the timing would jump to 10 Degrees which is the limp home mode sooooo back to VAST why? because it works! so now we are mostly caught up so I’ll add my finial wiring pictures and my new switch plate as well as my dyno results oh ya and I did some steel braded fuel lines thanks to my parents

Winter Rebuild 2

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So next up are more mounts for the front end but Luckily my awesome employer who lets me use the facilities afterhours let me use the burn table as well to make some additional parts!
these brackets do both the hood and the radiator


Also sorry for the pictures that look all Orange these were taken at the fab shop where i work high pressure sodium lighting doesn’t make for great photography and neither do cell phones

Also this is kinda out of order but dont forget the W58 transmission install!!! this took a custom bellhousing I bought from New Zealand where they made a custom sand mold to fit the W58 transmission onto a 4AGE block looks practically factory! uses a hilux pickup truck clutch slave and a Level Ride custom cross member to mount it all up and a custom made drive line as the output shaft on the W58 is much bigger then the T50 I used to run. these transmissions are a great upgrade as I have blown up a few T50’s. these came out of the 2wd 22R equipped trucks as well as the celica/supra with a 22R and the supra that had the 7M motor. so they are not too hard to get and fiarly stout and all of the JZ guys are always getting rid of them in favor of the R154 so they are not too expensive. the one Im running I pulled from my local junk yard for 70$ and I have a spare from a MK3 supra!

So once the Fab work was done we were ready for paint! which I’m not a big fan of as painting is very hard work but i got some help here as well from Ryan Donnelly


What you dont see is the temporary paint booth that we already took down (this was after it was fully sprayed) I just barely got enough paint and I ended up getting some more made into a rattle can for later touch up work its also Limco Single stage got it at my local Industrial Finishes

So next Up drop the motor back in for the last time (hopefully)
as you can probably guess this took place over the course of about 6 months for the winter rebuild and I did most of the work my self so it took a very long time so because of my pesky job getting in the way of my racing ambitions

So lets see how that tandem master install ended up here we have the lines in which is some special Gates hose rated for brake fluid and some special fittings in the masters for a remote reservoir

Winter Rebuild 1

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So after all of my end of 2013 season woes I decided to take it all apart and finish somethings up like my roll cage, and take on new projects as well. So I started by taking it all apart and towing it over to LevelRide for some fabrication work (I’m not the greatest welder as you will soon see but level ride is quite good at this sort of work in fact they specialize in it!).

So Level Ride Concepts finished my Door bars and did some roll cage re-enforcement as well as tubed the front core support and made new front wheel tubs. this I did because Ive made enough contact over the years that my core support was starting to tear in a few places. so heres what I had to work with when I got it back

sorry for the picture quality took em with my cell phone, but as you can see they did a great job with the fabrication work, which leads me to my first upgrade brakes so my goal was to go with a dual master setup i got from GRP4 Fabrications in Ireland which has dual Girling (willwood in the USA) master cylinders with brake bias adjustment.1456558_10202477537766158_128790198_n
It came with a firewall plate which i would have to cut out for the firewall mounting of the masters in the engine bay, as well as a knob for adjusting the brake bias from the drivers seat as well as the pedal box. also you can see my RX-7 Turbo 2 4 piston calipers for the front with mounting brackets to match the corolla front end as well as the mini cooper S rotors in the plastic bags in the back.

as I would soon find out the dual master install is VERY labor intensive and not a easy project at all first you have to figure out where you want it located and mark out where to cut the firewall:
here is the stock brake booster mounting location
initial mock up of the pedal box
and the firewall plate after I did some cutting to make it serve as a new mounting point for the pedal box
I also ended up modifying the pedal as I did not like where it was situated.
so after a lot of work i got the hole cut out and the plate tack welded in place to check fitment and placement of the pedal assembly
then at work we got this really awesome CNC burn table which I learned to used and made some really cool parts with this would be my new brake master reservoir mount.
and there it is tucked into its final location and when I say tucked I’m really not kidding its very tight but well away from the turbo which is a very good thing for the hydraulic system.
front brakes installed oh and why not get some T3 lower control arms while I’m at it as my stock ones had some bends and i was taking things apart anyway.
these really are some serious brakes for a corolla!!!
so then I had to do someting to match the stopping power of the fronts in the rear right!?!?!?
so in steps TEAM SDMF! and KC Comer and his brother Dustin Comer who designed and fabricated some dual caliper brackets for the AE86 rear end and they are no ordinary calipers as you can see
and if you would like a set of these for your corolla just look up Team SDMF on facebook and give KC a call its a great product and it was developed on my car also you may notice those are no ordinary looking corolla axles thats actually a Wier Performace custom axle kit which upgrades the GTS rear end to be able to handle 300HP! no more broken axles! these things are super beefy I should have taken a picture of em before I slapped them in they are massive and do not taper down like the factory ones do the spines are bigger too and they actually re-cut the side gears on my cusco Type RS 1.5 way LSD to fit the larger splines an re-heat treated the side gears. and I got a new 4.3:1 Ring and pinion and had my solid spacer checked and my bearings/seals replaced.

had to do some plumbing but lickily Eugene Oregon has a great place called Pacific Rubber and Hose which makes custom lines with what ever ends and lengths you could ever want.
removed the brake proportioning valve needed with the stock tandem master
and if im going to go dual caliper ill need A Level Ride Concepts hydro E-Brake so this is the version with the built in reservoir they also make a passthrough type if you do want to go as far as I did with the whole dual caliper thing. Also they developed the AE86 mount plate from my car which they now have for sale! they also make one for the S13 and I bet they would make one for your car as well and the hydro ebrakes are a universal application so they will literally fit in anything you could care to install one in.

after the fab work on the brakes was all squared away the motor could go back in for some test fitting for additional fibrication work up front as you can see ill need head light mounts, hood mounts, radiator mounts, and lot of other mounts….

the rebuild was soo massive i think ill need another post

Events Past

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So as I’m sure if you have looked at this website it hasn’t changed much lately, I blame my job or you can call me lazy. So it was now last season but I got to drive ORP during a NASA event which was has to be now my all time favorite track ever! and Thanks To Cosgro Media I even survived a dragon attack!

but this was a start to some crippling car reliability problems. at this event I signed up for both racing and drifting and I got to drive most of day 1 before I had a few problems due to overworking my car. To start off my turbo bolts loosened up on the pedestal mount which lost me some boost pressure. I also had problems with my brakes from racing the brake master went out from the high temps and over use and the brake pads them selves were heat glazed. when I pulled off to address these issues I also found a nearly torn apart timing belt. was unable to procure a replacement at the track (no surprising its in the middle of no where).

I also participated in the PARC two day event but again had problems broke an axle early on on day 1 then got a replacement and broke it again early on day two but there was some awesome footage and a cool video thanks to Chris Campbell!
this was after one of my axle breaks kind of a pain to swap em out in the dirt and keep everything clean.
here I am staged next to Henry Cooley just before he went KA-T!
Robert Hardin of Shutter Me Short got some really awesome shots from i think henry’s passenger seat

oh and dont forget this awesome video from Chris Campbell

Craig & Quad Chase Cam from Chris Campbell on Vimeo.

the outtakes are really cool too!

PARC Drift Bloopers & Track Lap from Chris Campbell on Vimeo.

I also did the next PARC event where again I had some Issues with this time wiring so my Next post I’ll talk about my winter Rebuild (which is actually nearly done when I wrote this post).